Welcome, the doctor is ready to see you now.

PhoneDoctor is an Android Application that allows the user to verify proper operation of selected features of his/her phone. This enables the user to check whether some phone functionalities are broken and as such whether the phone should be replaced.

PhoneDoctor provides single feature tests, but also allows the use to select multiple tests or test groups for testing. When such a test sequence is invoked most of the test are executed automatically, but for some test the user is asked to support some test executions, for example to turn the phone (sensor tests) or to disable Airplane Mode (network test).

We are continuously developing PhoneDoctor and add new features on an ongoing basis. The following feature groups are currently supported:

  1. Sensor Tests
  2. Network Tests (Mobile, Wifi, Bluetooth)
  3. Location Tests
  4. System Tests (Display, Memory, Applications, Vibrator)
  5. Power/Battery Tests

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